Installation Art Work

Rhythm and Beats

by Logan and Shanna

The goal of our presentation is to bring the rhythm and beats of the song “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex into a visual representation and then projected onto three dimensional space. The translation of this song into a visual medium should also work as a stand alone piece without the aid of the song. When the song is combined with the visual element of the project the piece becomes more immersive.

We decided to project our video on to a 12’x14’x14′ pillar. We felt that if we projected on the pillar at an angle would produce a more immersive visual effect.


(actual projection)

For the creation of this project began with Adobe After Effects. My partner and I would then trade off portions of the project to each other. Towards the end we would use After Effects render out the video and use iMovie to ad any extra editing effects to the video. Once the video was fully rendered, we used free video projection software call Video Projection Tool (VPT) to map our video onto our surface. Since we were projecting onto two surface planes we decided to render out one video and use the deformation mesh tool to stretch the video until it fit the environment.

(Video for projection)

We found that when asking spectators who were viewing our project we received a lot of positive feedback. They found the environment to be fun, enjoyable, and desirable as a club scene installation.

Given that this project only had a two and a half week deadline, we would have like to been able to refine the style of work displayed in the project as well as explore different styles. Would have also like to be able to learn how to perform as a live VJ.

Final presentation